Vertex Hot and Cold Marketing was established in 1997 to offer professional services in marketing water purifier, water dispenser, mineral pots, housing filters, filter cartridges and manufacturing of Reverse Osmosis water.

The market requirement of clean drinking water has increased four folds over the last 5 years. This increase can be attributed to changing consumer behavior towards a healthier lifestyle.

With impurities and contaminant growing at an alarming rate in our water accessories, Hot & Cold believes it could provide good products for the greater Malaysian consumers. Our organization does not only sell but also educate customers on the important of clean drinking water.

As water is an essential commodity, Hot & Cold with its management and personnel has a vision to improve our services through innovative approach in management and marketing. With these strategies in place, we unequivocally believe our vision of becoming the prime water purifier supplier in Malaysia will be realized.
Hot & Cold presently service more than 200 customers in the klang valley. Our customers include banking, finance, Ministry of Sports and small to medium size companies.

Our Commitments are as below: